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Image by Marcel Strauß

alpmine PL.


The alpmine PL is an electricity-powered heating system

which heats your pool with profit thanks to the  computing power!

This device can be connected to an existing system in a very short time to heat a swimming pool with electricity and benefit from it.

Save yourself one of the biggest cost items for your business. With our heating you can save several thousand euros a year thanks to the computing power.

Easy operation

Low installation costs

Safe to integrate

Big savings

The technology

In the alpmine PL there is an ASIC miner, which mines Bitcoin. The waste heat from this energy is used to heat your pool for profit.

Your needs

Decide for yourself what power you want the alpmine PL to have. This device is always silent and will not bother you or your customers.

Our possibilities

You will receive the delivery within a few weeks after the agreement has been made. We offer constant customer support and help with any matter.

R1 Rendering 3.png

alpmine iR.

The alpmine iR is an intelligent and electric heater 

Our device is small and very efficient. Thanks to our software, all you have to do is plug it in, connect it to a WiFi connection and heat up!

with which you can heat for free in the long term!

By creating cryptocurrencies during mining, so much energy is converted into waste heat that heating is profitable and electricity costs are covered.  

High performance

With the latest technology

Easily configurable

Thanks to our software

     Fast installation

Connect it yourself

Modern design

Suitable for any room

The waste heat is regulated by our app to enable comfortable living. In addition, the volume level is so low that you don't even notice it.

22.07.11 - iR Render with Phone.png

alpmine USB.

Work with profit

With the help of our USB stick it is possible to earn money at your workplace! The software uses the hardware to mine and automatically sends the winnings to your wallet address.

and heat your workplace at the same time!

In 3 simple steps you can use your PC to mine cryptocurrencies. The stronger it is, the higher your profit and the temperature at your workplace.  All this without additional costs.

alpmine software.


All of our devices are operated with the alpmine software

Our systems come bundled with a free, cross-platform software which is compatible with any operating system and requires no download. 

and thus the access to the devices is also possible
for non-experts.

The use of the web app is designed so simply that everyone can use our devices. Plug in the device, connect via Webapp and start heating!

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