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Customer Scenarios.

Explore your

Find out in which areas you can heat with alpmine products and don't hesitate to contact us to work out your specific scenario.

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PV system

It is better for us to profitably use our PV excess current with alpmine than to pay for traditional energy.

(Anne & Christian, 31 & 33, teacher & lawyer).

Swimming pool

The swimming pool in our hotel finally doesn't take all of the


(Margrit, 61, hotel owner)

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Room heating

I have long found cryptomining attractive and I am glad that there is now a quiet and beautiful device on the market that effectively uses the residual heat for heating.

(Daniel, 41, banker)

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Tiny house

In my Tiny House I don't need any complex installation and I also have a lot of comfort when heating.

(Silvia, 62, politician)

Haus am See
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Wine cellar

In our wine cellar, the alpmine iR provides additional heat in winter so that the wine does not cool down and lose its taste.

(Philipp, 27, cook)

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